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Judgement Force is a prototype version of Fighting Force. It was supposed to be released on November 26, 1996, on Sega Saturn, but became unreleased because it was redesigned into Fighting Force. It wasn't released until September 16, 1997.

In the original development, the game was originally going to be part of the Streets of Rage game series.

There were differences in Judgement Force than in FIghting Force.


  • Alana was not originally in the game.
  • The fourth playable character was named Dr. Vulcan.
  • Some of the stages were different.
  • Mace's age is different, she is 24 in Judgement Force, but 21 in Fighting Force.
  • Hawk's appearance is also changed, as he is wearing different clothing.
  • Smasher's appearance is also different, along with Mace's.
  • The loading screen is different.
  • Hawk's age is different. In Fighting Force, Hawk's age is 26, but in the prototype Judgement Force, his age is 29.
  • Smasher's age is 29 in Fighting Force, but in Judgement Force, his age is 32.






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