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Fighting Force 3 is a canceled game that was in development at Core Design for PlayStation 2, XBOX, and maybe on GameCube between the years of 2002 and 2003. The game went back to their roots with classic beat 'em up gameplay, with a fully playable coop mode, and 4 different characters to choose from: Hawk, Mace, and Smasher, returning from the first game, and a new one, Jill. Alana was not going to be present in the game. 

The player would have been able to fight their way through many different levels, using punch-kick combos, weapons and interacting with the environment. The environment could be used in many ways, such as breaking down a water tube to use it as a mace, impaling enemies on iron bars, throwing them under moving trains or against barrels on fire to burn them.




Fighting Force 3 PS2 & XBOX - Tech Demo CANCELLED!

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